Our Mission and Vision

Our mission is ‘Making People Heard Through Great Music’.

Our vision is of a fairer, more inclusive society where people who are disabled and / or neurodivergent are seen, heard, and contributing their talents.

Using our supported music framework, we aim to nurture talent in young people who are disabled and / or neurodivergent and affect positive change across education, support for living, and the music industry.


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How to get involved

We have worked with around 50 partners since inception and are always interested in developing new partnerships that help to create opportunities in music for young people.

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Our Projects

We make a difference through the joy of music and provide pathways to further success. Our person-centred approach enables each individual to work to their strengths and take advantage of the opportunities that best suit their needs and aspirations.

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“musicALL has benefitted T in many ways. Their confidence, communication and social skills have improved greatly”

Parent of musicALL participant

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musicALL’s vision is to contribute to the creation of a society that ensures all children and young.



musicALL has a regular calendar of events where audiences can enjoy performances by our bands.


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